Get Healthy in 2008

Hi Everyone!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Trusting you had a good Christmas and New Year break. Let’s try and make 2008 a happy, healthy and prosperous year. Make this a year to achieve your goals.
Each of us has different things we want to achieve so I’ve listed just a few health goals you may be considering for 2008.
Eat well for optimal health:
Eating well helps you feel energized and look good. The Cancer institute of NSW states that avoiding fatty foods and eating more fruit and vegetables contribute to preventing certain types of cancer. The minimum daily serves of fruit and vegetables, for adult men and women, are 2 serves of fruit and 5 of vegetables. This is greater for pregnant or breastfeeding women and adolescents. One serve of vegetable is 75 grams or ½ cup cooked/1 cup salad. One serve of fruit is 150 grams. That would be one medium sized apple or 2 smaller pieces such as apricots/kiwi fruit or 1.5 tablespoons of dried fruit.
Exercise Regularly:
You need at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days, if not 7 days a week. You can accumulate your 30 minutes throughout the day (say 3 10 minute sessions), or you can do 30 minutes (or more) continuously. Consider your cardio-vascular health as well as muscular skeletal health. You need aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, as well as strength training to keep your muscles strong and bones healthy. You are more likely to exercise regularly if you have a set time for this each day. Plan your work and other appointments around your exercise time – always leaving this time spot for yourself.
Maintain healthy weight range:
To check if you are a healthy weight you can follow these calculations….
Take your height in metres squared and your weight in kilos.
Now divide your weight by your height in metres squared.
E.g., if I weigh 46 kilos and am 1.5m tall then I divide 46 by 2.25. I get a score of 20.4. This is great. 18.5 to 25 are all great answers. 25+ to 26 is still OK. If the answer is higher you may need to do some work on eating better or exercising more. If it is lower, you may need to take steps to gain weight. Check with your health professional first – you could be an exception to the rule.
Take time out to relax:
Most people seem to be extremely busy these days. Many of us work longer hours, ferry our children around to various activities or help with grandchildren and are involved in community activities. It is important to take some time to stop and “smell the roses”! Again, set some time aside each day for quiet contemplation/relaxation. This can be extremely useful before bed time to help get a good night’s sleep. Deep relaxation or meditation practiced on a regular basis results in a greater sense of wellbeing, clearer thinking and calmness.
Yours in health,