Putting Health First

Hi Everyone!
I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year. For most of us, it’s time to get back into the normal routine. Take a moment to think about how your life is going and if there is anything that you want to change this year. Problems in our lives can be put into three categories; those we can avoid, those we cannot avoid or change (and therefore must accept) and those we can change (often with significant effort). If you have anything in the latter category, perhaps you can make 2010 the year of change.
Health comes into two of these categories. You can choose to avoid things that may damage your health in the future. For example avoid sun bathing to prevent melanoma or smoking to prevent smoking related diseases. Also you can choose to make changes that will result in better health and well-being, like regular exercise and a healthy diet. The longer you put such choices off, the greater the chance of poor health and poor mobility adversely affecting your life style.
For example, one may have lots of money, a loving partner and a passport (a privilege many people in our world are denied). One may live in a beautiful place with lots of wonderful foods available, have lots of leisure time and have plenty of interests. However, if one is constantly in poor health then these wonderful things will be very difficult to enjoy.
For me, health is my top priority, as without it, I know I cannot live life to the full. So I choose to exercise most days and eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Many of you know that I was out of action for some time last year with a badly broken elbow. Everything I did took 4 or 5 times as long as usual with just one hand. So now I really appreciate having the use of both hands and arms again. Do we really appreciate the ability to move? Modern society tends to see movement as an inconvenience rather than a privilege. Everywhere I go, I see more and more escalators and lifts and parking spaces right next to the entrance. If you are in the habit of riding escalators and lifts, think about this and take the opportunity to get a little more exercise (every step counts).
Your exercise choices should include cardio-vascular, strength training, flexibility and endurance. Some sort of exercise should be achieved most days for a minimum of 30 minutes (more is better). So, if you are planning to exercise more this year, take this into consideration when choosing which classes you attend or what activities you choose to participate in.
I am happy to give free advice to any of you who are not sure which activities would be best for you. A major factor is that, you choose something you enjoy. Without enjoyment you will be unlikely to continue for the entire year. Remember to get your enrolments in early this week for classes. If you leave it till the last minute you may miss out. I can be contacted by email anytime.
To sample a wide range of healthy activities and food this year, try out wellness weekend in April. Remember, to qualify for the early bird discount, enrolments must be received by the end of February.
Don’t put it off. Make it happen now. There is no time like the present!
Yours in health,