Weight Loss

Hi Everyone!
Hopefully you are all settling into your New Year exercise
routines now and are managing to keep any New Year’s
Remember regular exercise helps control weight and improves
sleep and stress levels. It can also prevent heart disease, blood
pressure, diabetes and some cancers. If you do not have time
for one­hour sessions of exercise you can do shorter sessions of
10 minutes and try to be more active during the day – look for
opportunities to exercise rather than avoiding it such as:
· Parking your car as far away from the building as you can; rather
than fighting for the closest car space.
· Get off the bus the stop before and walk the rest of the way.
· Offer to make coffee for everyone else at work (every time you get
up and sit down again you are performing a squat).
· If you have a cordless phone there is no need to sit still whilst talking;
take the opportunity to pace up and down.
Of course an exercise regime needs to be accompanied by a
good diet. Remember to eat a wide variety of foods including
plenty of fruit and vegetables. A diet low in fat is preferable –
try reading the nutrition labels on packaged foods – you may
be surprised at the hidden fats in many foods. Around 30
grams of fat a day is all that is required!
Yours in health,